Athletic Endeavors

A few of the races/events I've completed over the years...

Hoosic River Ride 2008, 2009, 2010

  • This is a great ride that brings you through three states (NY, VT, MA) that I have completed with     my husband, my dad, and my uncles three times.

Granite State Wheelman Century 2009

  • My very first century ride! I completed this ride with my Dad.  We got to the finish and had only hit 99.2 miles, so I made my Dad ride in circles with me around the finish in order for the computer to hit 100 miles.  Great day!

CVS Downton 5K 2009:   28:52

  • This was my first running race! 

Philadelphia Marathon 8K 2009:  43:54

  • Nick ran in the marathon, and I completed the 8K, it was the farthest I had run at the time! We loved Philly, and I hope to someday go back and do the half-marathon!
Old-Fashioned Flat 5K 2010:  26:31
  • This is a great winter race!
Narragansett Bay Wheelman Flattest Century 2010
  • I rode this ride with my Dad, and unlike my first century, this ride was over 100 miles.  It was only over by a mile or two, but at 101 or 102 miles, the end can seem unbearably far away.  This was a fun day though, Nick also rode, though he finished well before us!
CVS Downtown 5K 2010:  27:30

  • This was my second time completing this race, and though my time improved, I realized I do not enjoy this event.  It is super crowded, and though you get to run through beautiful downtown Providence, something about the course really irritates me.  It might have something to do with the complete uphill finish.
New Bedford Half Marathon 2011:  2:05:22

  • There are so many things to say about this race.  It was my first half-marathon, and I am so proud of my time. It was the first time I cried while running, and the first time I ever talked to someone else as I was running in a race.  I had such a sense of pride after completing this race, a feeling I have never really had before.  It was awesome! And I got my first medal!!
Amica Newport Marathon 2011:  5:02:00

  • Two minutes may seem like a completely insignificant amount of time to a sane person, but to me, two minutes means I need to run another marathon.  Someday, someday.
Willow Tree Turkey Trot 5K 2011:  24:55

  • This was an awesome race.  It is my PR for a 5K and I felt like some of the track work I had put in earlier in the fall really paid off.  It is a course through downtown Providence, but I actually enjoy this course, unlike the CVS race!
Old Fashioned Flat 5K 2012:  25:44
  • This was my first race under my married name!  I was a bit frustrated at this race, though it was a PR on the course for me, I misread my time at the end of the race (my refusal to wear glasses may have played into this), and I ended up super frustrated that I did not PR for the 5K.  I was also frustrated because if I had run the same time the previous year, I would have placed within my age group.  Ah, well, it is all in who shows up on race day!
New Bedford Half Marathon 2012:  2:07:48
  • And so my confidence as a runner grew and grew until I thought I could run a half-marathon with very little training.  Boom, watch me fall down off my high horse.  I was miserable throughout the first half of this race.  I had visions of faking an injury to get myself out of it.  Sadly, those miles during which I was miserable, were the fastest of my race day.  I blew up in the second half of this race, and though I'm not proud of my training (or lack thereof), I am proud that I finished the race.

What do I have planned?
Well I have finally realized that being in school, working for school, working, and training for long distance (marathon) does not make for a happy Megan.  The half-marathon distance is something that I enjoy training for, and I plan to complete one this fall, and another in the winter.  In the meantime, I have gotten back into the gym and I am trying to fill my time with activities that make me happy, not ones that feel like a burden.  So when the mood strikes, I try to squeeze in time to ride my bike.  My Dad and I have gotten in some great rides this year, and I plan to keep up with that.  I enjoy running when I have no goal in mind, so when I feel like it, I go for a run.  My main goal is to do something active 5-6 days a week.  

I will be starting my next half-marathon training program in the upcoming weeks, and I plan to try to keep up as much cross training as possible during the program.

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