Life is not a spectator sport...except when your husband is a triathlete!

With Nick's adventures into triathlon, I have had so many awesome opportunities to spectate..

Here he is a the start of the Harpoon Brewery to Brewery ride back in 2010.
Nick found an awesome local triathlon team, Fuel Belt.  They offer lots of support both for the athletes and for the supporters! A spectator must always remain well hydrated, and with Harpoon Beer as a sponsor of the team, I do my best!

Nick has figured out that along the way, sacrifices have to be made in order to participate in the activity he loves.  So while I'm hanging out at a family cook-out, Nick is off on his bike, a slave to the road!  This was last summer during the First Annual Fuel Belt Shoot Out Ride.  The 150 mile ride passed close to my Dad's house, so I ran out of the party for a few minutes to spectate as Nick went by.  He showed up to the party later, achieving the balance between hobby and family!

Then there are the amazing trips we have taken in pursuit of athletic endeavors.  We have gone up to Lake Placid for the past two summers, what an amazing place to spend a few days in...
I have started to find a sense of balance during these trips.  This picture was taken during a hike I went on with some friends who were also there spectating/supporting their triathlete.  It can be hard to spend trips entirely focused on the event we are traveling for.  So I have made an effort to spend time during these trips doing things that help me to have the full experience of the area we are in!  It isn't easy, but having friends along with us who are in the same boat makes the experiences so much more fun.  We also hang out with a really relaxed group of triathletes, so pre-race jitters turn into things like...
Backwards aero helmets and beers

And, practicing aero position next to baggo...

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